Avatar Nutrition Update

Hi everyone!!! This post is for those that know I have been using Avatar Nutrition for my “macros.” It is like a virtual nutritional coach and is $9.99 a month. The best 9.99 a month I have ever spent! This company created a algorithm that calculates your best macros, over time it learns you and gives you the best for your goals (fat loss, lean muscle gain, maintenance and reverse). You can read more about avatar by reading their website Avatar Nutrition

Now back to me, I started Avatar in May 2017. At that time I was thinking of doing a bikini competition and saw some people’s results on instagram. I saw someone have “Abs” in 12 weeks and I have always wanted ABS, I mean who doesn’t. I saw it was $9.99 a month and was like nah i’ll past a few weeks later I see this particular lady’s posts again and she looks even leaner! I decided hey why not? It’s only $9.99 and if I hate it after 1 month I don’t need to keep it.

Well that was the BEST decision EVER. I signed up and look at me now. I started at 127lbs, 27% body fat and wearing about a size 4 (2 on good days). I really didn’t think I could lose the amount of weight that a bikini coach told me. She said i’d need to be around 108/110 and 10-12% body fat. Whoa! No way. But I wanted to compete last year, I didn’t have money for a coach so avatar was a great option!

16 weeks later from June to October I lost 16lbs, I did not think I had 16lbs to lose. I went from 127lbs 27% body fat to 111lbs 18% so that’s about 8% body fat loss. I’ve read that for about each 1% that is about 2lbs of fat. So the numbers add up. I am still shocked at my progress and I did not ever give up sweets, sweet and low or other treats. Towards the end I couldn’t eat as much as I would like but still not a horrible experience (click here for my bikini competition photos).

In October, I did a reverse and started training for my half marathon. I believe that since I was running and still on low calories my body started holding more weight. In Dec, I stopped all cardio and the weight gain slowed down some.

From October 14 to Jan 27 (15 weeks) I reversed dieted (click to learn more) I went from about 1250 to 2050 calories. On Jan 27 I started maintenance mode, you pick a range you want to stay in gain/lose than this amount. I chose to stay within 120lbs. For some maintenance mode is hard for me it is kinda liberating, not having a gain or lost goal. My current calories are 2197, my macros are Protein 111g, Carbs 328g, & Fat 49g.

Originally I had thought I would start my sustainable fat loss this week but I have decided to wait another four weeks. Avatar suggests doing maintenance for at least half the time that you are on reverse to give your body time to adjust. That would be about 8 weeks for me so maintenance it is.

Feel free to comment below, I’d love to chat about Avatar!!!

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  1. fitnfulltime says:

    Gotta love Avatar! I’ve been using it for my prep too!

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