May 2018

It has been a while since my last post. I have been so busy with work and avoiding my dissertation research. I have completed 4 interviews and have transcribed 2.  I have one more scheduled and my goal is one more in June and be ready to WRITE WRITE WRITE ugh.

This is where people make it or break it in their research/PHD journey.  It is where can you keep yourself self accountable? Can you keep going with no hard deadlines and no one to tell you that you’re doing it “right” or at least heading in the “right” direction lol.

Work has been challenging because there is just so much going on, it feels like in leadership things just keep getting faster and faster.  Then of course there’s the people managing aspect.

My personal Life is good, my loved ones are always supporting me even when I drive them crazy.

I am still using Avatar Nutrition, but things have been whacky.  Not sure what it is but I keep gaining weight little by little then drop back to my norm. Or I go from 128 one morning to 133 the next morning.  I am having some serious crazy fluctuations and it has been so hard to pin point what could be causing.  To help I will be drinking only water to see what is up.

I hope 2018 is treating you all great.

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