Health & Fitness: One Size does not fit all

We go to professionals for advice on health, nutrition and fitness. Each “expert” in the field, doctors, fitness instructors etc… but there is no one size fits all in health & nutrition. And the real problem here, is that no one can really tell you what will work, it’s really all trial & error.

Doctors can read our lab work and give us ‘advice’ but it’s just general advice there’s no telling if it will really work for you. Personal trainers can help you with work outs, but can’t really tell you what to eat. Low Carb, Keto, Atkins… and the list goes on and on. Some will work for some time but eventually they’ll STOP working. And why do all these diets “stop” working, the answer is actually a little complicated but to keep it simple. They stop working b/c your body has adjusted to the initial drop in calories or change in diet .

I have always worked out and been active since as long as I can remember. Of course in my teens and 20s I ate whatever and still was “skinny.” I guess that’s what I wanted back then, that was before I knew what real fitness was. Being strong and healthy!

Fast forward to 2011 and I had put on the weight, in my late twenties and not working out led to me being my biggest, 150lbs on a small 5’1 frame. I was not happy at all with so many things, and that’s what happens when you’re unhappy it gets reflected in your body and health. I tried Atkins and guess what it worked, it worked really well and I got down to 125lbs. I celebrated my birthday happy as a clam. I slowly changed my diet back to my norm and guess what happen by 2013 I pretty much was hovering 145lbs. While the diet helped me lose weight it didn’t change anything else in my life. I was still in the same unhappy relationship, in the same job and limited options (in my eyes at that time).

Things changed in 2013, I got out of that relationship and really focused on me, my goals and what I wanted with my life. I set my goals and did not apologize.

In 2013, I met my husband, he knew my goals and respected them. I made sure to make it clear what I wanted. It was so new and refreshing to have someone that not only loved me, but also admired me and “showed me off.” He did not get jealous if others looked at me, it made him proud. Just writing that makes me smile.

Now to the health and fitness part. In 2014, I came across an article in Self Magazine on the Drop 10 Diet. And it changed my life in how I looked at nutrition and the bigger picture. Not that long after I learned more about weight lifting and started the 12 week program by Jaime Eason’s LiveFit program. I fell in love with weight lifting again! I got down to a size 2 and my smallest in a real long time.

In 2015, I got married, got pregnant and gained more weight that I probably should have. From 125lbs to 176lbs on the day I delivered. A few weeks postpartum and I soon realized I had made a horrible mistake, I definitely ate too much.

Then, in 2017, I got more interested in weight lifting and learned about Bikini – body building competitions. I learned about a whole new world. I learned about Avatar Nutrition. I combined those two and competed in my first Bikini Competition.

All that to say, during that time I was active and had so many different goals going through that time. Lifting, running and eating healthy. In all those years my blood work was “good” no real markers that would cause my doctor any concerns except for my ‘good’ cholesterol. It was ‘low’ and my doctors recommendations were more CARDIO. I was dumbfounded by this, how could doing more CARDIO be the answer. I had been training for a half marathon every year and not to long after I had my blood work completed. How was more cardio really what I needed?? When I asked my doctor about it, she stated maybe it was just a bad day, maybe I ate a burger the day before or something that didn’t reflect my blood work well. I took her advice and didn’t think much of my blood work.

Now, a year after starting Avatar Nutrition and competing for the first time I learned about the optimal nutrition for myself. I learned that foods high in fat caused me to bloat and retain water. I learned that my body loves CARBS, I kinda always knew how much I LOVE BREAD!! And that a low fat, high carb diet was the best for me.

In Feb 2018, I had my labs drawn and one of the first times I had not been running regularly. I was only lifting weights and guess what? My ‘good’ cholesterol was the best it has ever been. So, is CARDIO the answer for me? No it’s not. Is it for you? Maybe.

What I have now learned that our bodies truly know what is best for us. And after some reading, I have learned that heart disease is high in Latina women. Thus for me (not necessarily all Latinas) this is really important. Having low ‘good’ cholesterol could lead to a heart attack, high cholesterol and other heart related diseases. So working out didn’t fix the problem of my blood work, but the proper nutrition for me, did.

All that to say, what works for someone doesn’t mean that it will work for you. And really listen to your body. What foods do you crave? Are they really bad for you? I now use Avatar Nutrition and follow IIFYM (If it fits your macros). There is no good or bad foods. It is just foods. Since following this program I eat more “bad” foods than I did before but I am my healthiest!!

So try different things, but try things that you know you can do for the rest of your life. So if you are juicing, low carb, keto or whatever, is it something you like doing? is it something you are willing to do long-term? Only you really know! What works for you?

Leave a comment below and tell me what works for you!

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  1. Great post! Thank you for everything you said. I especially liked when you said do to what works for you, long term. I am trying to figure out my body and health plan for myself currently. Have a happy 4th! -Ladonna

  2. NoSanchez says:

    You’re welcome. I hope that helps and I look forward to seeing your progress.

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