Be Thankful

Today I woke up and decided to work out, some of you might think that’s just my routine but lately it hasn’t. I started on my run, I didn’t have a plan and actually I had not planned to run outdoors. My treadmill didn’t want to work, it doesn’t like the cold. I promise I’m not crazy but when it’s cold outside it doesn’t like to work. So I had 2 choices, not workout or run outdoors.

As I am running, listening to my rap music I begin to reflect and remembered why I love running so much. It helps me reflect on everything and process my life struggles. I began to think about today and how we will all talk about how thankful we are. But is anyone truly reflecting?

Many are saying that our country has lost its morals, and everyone has forgotten God. But have we? Almost every Rap song I listen to talks about being thankful “I’m here in the club, thanking God I’m ALIVE” “God’s plan…” “Bitch be humble!” For all of you that are working so hard to DIVIDE the country, perhaps it is YOU that has forgotten GOD. God tells us to love those that have forsaken us.

If you are struggling and find yourself asking God why? Reflect on what is going on, perhaps god is trying to get you back on track on your path? For God has bigger plans for you than you think.

I have not told many of my own recent struggles but I do struggle. Work has been at a whole new level of stress (I guess that’s part of being a boss) but I am still in love with my company and my role as a manager. School, well I need to finish my dissertation. Life, has been good seeing Kalisha and Ladon develop is just unbelievable. A husband that is working on his passion and attending school.  Seeing the joy in their eyes is worth every gray hair! Every new milestone warms my heart with love. Back in August, we suffer an intimate loss, we don’t talk much about it, we had a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks. Today we’d be 22 weeks and finding out the gender, instead God had a different plan for us. And I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I am writing this, no reason. I don’t pray daily, I don’t go to church and I don’t have a hidden agenda to change you into a believer. Running is my time with God and nature. It reminds me to be thankful for the ability to run, think, move, and enjoy everything God has given me.

So, take some time to truly be thankful and forgive those that have hurt you. LOVE is stronger than hate. Stop feeding into the hate.  Love can bring change.  Show others that you are better than a stereotype.  Change is slow, so be patient.

Thank you for reading, have a great holiday weekend!

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