Working out during your 2nd pregnancy

I wish I could say I have been doing everything like my first pregnancy but that would be a lie.   With my 1st pregnancy I ran 2 half marathons, my first 10k, and various 5ks plus did Zumba did about 34weeks.

This time around yeah, i’ll be lucky to get up and walk some.

It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m so tired.  I will get in a work out about 1 to 2x a week and 3x if it’s a good week.  I have time, plenty of time just lack the motivation.  I am now 30 weeks.

It’s not too late and i’m going to keep reminding myself to JUST get out there and DO something lol.

What keeps you motivated? how do I get myself up and moving?!


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  1. C. P. says:

    I search every morning on Pinterest Running motivation and Also put workout clothes and shoes. I don’t know but that put me in the mood!

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