Not Feeling Ready – Half in 3 weeks

I am signed up for the SA Rock n Roll Half Marathon, this will be my 7th (I think) I should really count them, lol.

I signed up for it, as a way to motivate me to work out after having the baby.  I am feeling so unprepared. Yesterday I ran for about an hour and 10 mins and ran a total of 4.6 miles. That is the most I have ran since “getting back” to it.

After baby number two my body just feels heavier, I am also heavier lol. Currently I am weighing about 156.6lbs (down 30lbs), perhaps that has to do with it.  When I get a good flow i’m running about 13 min miles, this is a good pace not too fast not too slow.  When I push hard I definitely feel like I won’t make it long.  I am also walking in between my running which is new for me though I have seen others do this strategy.

Any other mamas out there? What did you do when you didn’t feel “ready” for a run?  I know I can finish it but I might feel so great after it.

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  1. Girl it took me a while to get back into it. I had pelvic floor issues and did a 10k at 6 months postpartum, and a half about 4 months after that. So kudos to you for your ambition, but definitely don’t be against the walk/run method!

    1. Thanks, I think that will be my best bet to do some run (more like jog) and walking to finish this one. I love how each race is also a learning/life lesson.

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