Accountability Buddy

When you are struggling to get back on track, an accountability buddy can really help in keeping and getting you back on track.

I don’t usual get one, but my husband has been great these last past weeks. He has been asking me when my runs are scheduled and he reminds me to keep to the schedule. Though I have to admit that doesn’t always happen. It is hard this go around, with a 3 month old, a 4 year old, a 15 year old’s schedule, work and a husband… + my new business venture (see here)

One thing I always say is to reminder the WHY, the why will get you up and out and keep you on track. I have two whys one, is because I signed up for this half marathon and I’m not about to waste my money by not doing it and the other is because I want to get back to myself. That’s the who reason why I signed up for this darn half to begin with, if I hadn’t signed up, god knows I probably wouldn’t be running and probably not working out.

So, remember the WHY, and write it down somewhere you can see it. It could be a picture of yourself, a health goal, a race goal… anything really.

What’s your why?

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