Holidays, Breastfeeding, & Running – Oh my!

This week has been ultra-busy and I had the luxury of not cooking for Thanksgiving. We went over to my husband’s family’s house. With a full time job, breastfeeding and other obligations sticking to a running schedule is not the easiest but completely possible.

With the help of my family, it is easy. Here’s how I do it, I stay flexible. Flexible to where I’m going to run and flexible as to when I’m going to run. I just let my day pick the time and place.

The where is probably the easier of the two to move around. Worse case scenario I’ll run on the treadmill (in my garage) and best case is down the road at the San Antonio Mission Reach. So, think of places where you can run, my other options are the track at school in our neighborhood, our small neighborhood park and our neighborhood. Be flexible don’t make it harder on yourself by only have one place you’re willing to run. Choose running places near your home, if you can do your neighborhood safely definitely keep that as option.

The when is where I am the most flexible if I want to meet my 3x a week run schedule. I use the Garmin Coach feature on my Garmin Forerunner 245 to set a running plan. Then I just do my runs when I can. This means at lunch time, a late lunch if I have meetings, right after work, or later in the evening.

On top of my family’s schedule (school and sports) and my own (work & side business) I am also breastfeeding. This adds an extra thing I need to work around. What I do is, estimate how long he will nap so I can run during his long naps. I do my best to “top” him off with both breasts and if I don’t do that I use my Haaka Pump (best thing ever). It is a pump that uses suction and catches your let down. This way if my run is long my husband can feed him. The other strategy is to feed him right after my runs then shower.

So lots and lots of flexibility but it is very possible.

How do you manage your runs as a busy and/or breastfeeding mom?

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