RNRSA – 2 Days to go

Ahhhh, two days until my 7th half marathon. I shouldn’t be “scared” since this is my 7th one but in reality I am scared. My mind tells me “be afraid” my heart and gut tell me “we got this!”

When our mind and heart are not aligned it is a terrible struggle. One where we really need to tell your mind to STFU. I mean really when was the last time your negative self talk was “right.” It only is “right” when YOU let it. Like the time, I didn’t run the marathon in Houston in Jan 2017.

I let my mind tell me “no no no, you can’t do it.” I had been training and had an injury 6 weeks before the full. I went to a chiro and he encouraged me to just go and do it. Nope, my mind said no no no. I was in Houston that weekend for a birthday party – purposedly left my running shoes/gear at home. Yep, my mind was winning this thing for sure.

The night before I had instant regret – wishing and hoping – I could just get out there and try it… at the very least I could say I tried.

morale of the story? For me at least, tell that chic in your head, to just SHUT UP. You can do it! I may not have trained as much as I wanted or be where I want to be but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it. I have done it 6 times already, so if that’s not “proof” enough for me my ego, then I don’t know what its.

Here’s to 2 more days of this ego/mind nonsense!

Happy Friday.

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  1. You’re gonna do awesome!

    1. Thank you!!! Do you have a race tomorrow too?

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