RNRSA Half – I finished!!

This morning I woke up an hour earlier than what I had my alarm set to, I had a runner’s nightmare. I dreamt that I was being dropped off at the race, only find out that I didn’t have any socks or shoes on and it was 7:10am lol. I woke up and decided to play it safe.

First I am very glad that I got out there despite feeling so unprepared. Was it it easy NO! Did I do it yes! The hills were killer and for the first half I felt pretty good but after that it was a struggle.

I walked/ran- something I had said I could never do. Of course never say never!

The last mile, I was in so much “pain” it was definitely mental because according to my garmin my heart rate was in aerobic/threshold. My whole run, I kept fighting through my negative self talk. “I should have trained better.” “I won’t make it under 3hours.” “These hills are too hard.”

It was a internal challenge to keep running and running more than walking. Towards the end the hills didn’t help.

Have you had this type of run/race before? Did you meet your goal? How did you overcome your negative self talk?

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