Back on the (work out) Horse

We all get busy meeting all our goals, as we become hyper focused on one goal we forget another.

I’m back on the proverbial horse, back on a work out plan.  When I was training for my half marathon it literally was ‘half ass training’ unfortunately.   So while I finished my run, it was both painful and slow lol. Yesterday, I decided to follow the Jamie Eason’s 12 week Post Pregnancy workout plan. When I used it 2 years ago, It use to be free on Now the stie has changed to a subscription for their work out plans.I have access through the BodySpace (from app since it was saved to my plans.

I’m on Day 2 – it was Ab work.  I started off the super set not feeling too hyped for it. I put in some headphones after my sweet daughter brought them to me since I was too sore to roll off my yoga mat to get them.  

So yesterday I did Day 1, (yes on Christmas Eve) I did 4 different supersets, they included jump squats, jump lunges, curtsy lunges, lunge kicks… and lots of other dynamic lower body work.  And today I am sooooooooooo sore, more than I was on the day of my half marathon. Which I am really surprised but not lol. Going up and down the stairs has been a struggle today.  

This also made me realize how weak my whole body is.  Here’s to the beginning! Looking forward to see my progress over the next 12 weeks.  Anyone wondering how I’m eating. It’s not anything to brag about – it’s pretty much not anywhere what some would consider “healthy” but it is what it is for now.  We’ll see what I change in the 12 weeks in regards to diet.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re back in the saddle. Looking forward to hearing about marathon training when it starts!

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