Rough September

Here’s an old post that I never posted from Sept 2018.  Something to keep in mind when we “tweak” ourselves.

This September (2018)  like this whole year has just been challenge after challenge. Work is busy, I’m trying to get the motivation to finish my dissertation and the motivation to work out.

Today I am feeling like a boss, headphones in music loud and I’m working on deadlifts. Usually I am very cautious when doing them due to a previous injury.

I got carried away with the music and 3 reps in I felt something. It wasn’t bad but I know it wasn’t good. I immediately stopped and thought well there goes my workout. And my plans for this month.

But I decided to not stop and since my body was warm, let’s do some super light (10lb dumbbell deadlifts) to get the motion in and blood flowing.

I did some stretches after and walked for 20mins. Since I could do it all with just my back feeling tight I know it’s nothing major.

Fortunately I know how to recover from this kind of injury and I know that injuries happen because something is off, weak core, tight muscles in other areas, bad form … all have a slow ripple effect that lead to small or large injuries.

So take the time to address those small pains or aches. Don’t neglect your core it’s your powerhouse which I think is what lead to my injury. I have not done much core work lately, so I know this is probably the cause.

Hope all is great and here’s to Fall!!! Literally a fall for me lol ok I’m being dramatic.

Leave me a comment below. What do you believe leads to injuries? What do you do to prevent them?

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