30 Weeks Postpartum: 149lbs


Whoo hoo!  that’s right I am down to 149lbs from 187lbs (omg yes, i can’t believe I got to 186lbs on this 5’1 frame) 

But ay to being down 38lbs in 6 months, that is about 6lbs a month.  So that means in another 3 months I should be around my goal weight, we all know that the closer we get to our goal weight the harder it is to get there.

I do have to admit though, that this time around, losing the baby weight has been a lot easier. I feel terrible that I have to say I haven’t done much, I haven’t been working out or eating that great.  So what gives?

Here’s what I think is going on, compared to my first pregnancy.  My first pregnancy, I worked out way more, to begin with.  I ran 2 half marathons during my first trimester and kept up all the activity until I was about 35/37 weeks pregnant.  After that I kept up with walking until the day I went into labor.  Labor was look, it was 36 hours, yep, a short 36 hours (lol).    So, recovery was longer and of course it was my first time having a baby.     With all that in mind, I believe my body and myself in general was more stressed out.  Another factor was that I was eating bad and taking advantage that I was breastfeeding…. so nope I could not lose any weight for a variety of reasons.

Now in comparison to this pregnancy, I was so exhausted I almost had no energy to do anything.  I did not work out regularly and my eating was so-so. Not terrible and also not super healthy.   Labor was quick, knowing my body from before, instead of holding off on interventions I said yes give me the pitocin! So, labor was 7 hours, I had a walking epidural and was able to walk immediately after labor.  So yes it was quite a different experience.

Then, Gavin, was such an easy baby (sorry Ladon, you killed us lol) He slept 4 hour blocks at night and during the day he napped for about 2/3 hours at a time.   So, my body was able to sleep and recover a lot faster, I was not over eating and taking it easy. Go figure, how taking it easy is really the best thing for you.

Here are two tips that worked for me:

  • Don’t stress out – so not overthinking it and putting so much pressure on myself (to start at workout program ASAP) has helped me lose the weight naturally
  • Eating intuitively – eating when i’m hungry not just because it’s time to eat “breakfast” so often, I eat later in the day.  Inadvertently doing intermittent fasting. The definition of intuitive is without conscious reasoning, in other words we OVERTHINK it lol.

I am still able to breastfeed just fine, we have not had any issues.  There are so many factors as to why the weight has come of easier this time, but I am sure that not stressing out and eating when hungry versus mindlessly eating has made a difference.

Enjoy the time with your baby, this is time you will never have again!  Be in the moment!

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