While the world is ending…

The champion continues to work on their grind.  Okay, so I haven’t been doing anything prior to today but since the world is falling apart I got that push to do something other than gawk at the TV.   Most days, my free time goes towards working on building my business and creating content for my YouTube channel (psst, if you’re not subscribed check it out and hit that subscribe button!)  But today was different, well kinda lol.

Today, my husband asked me “are you going to work out with me today?”  I scoffed because hey, I had not hit the gym, our home gym in FOREVER, so why would today be any different.  I mean, my head hasn’t been in it, it has been busy grinding. I replied “next month, I’ll start in April…” last famous words, lol.

So what was different then?  What gave me the push?  As I was working on my B-School VLOG, I talked about the why behind my business  and I said “All of my life…”  those words for some reason reminded me of a song.  This isn’t new for me, this happens all the time, if I could sing I would sing said songs but half the time I don’t remember much of the song.   So then, I had to look up the song because I could not stop hearing that part “All of my life…”  In case you’re wondering the song is, Grinding All My Life / Stucc In The Grind by Nipsey Hussle.  I first asked Alexa to play “all of my life” and she played it.  I nodded my head, it was so fitting.

Later I went outside with the kids, I wanted to hear the audio of the video and I put my earbuds on. Then, I wanted to hear the song again so I listen to the song and that was it.  Rap music speaks to my heart, ALWAYS.

All my life, been grindin’ all my life
Sacrificed, hustle paid the price
Want a slice? Got to roll the dice
That’s why, all my life, I been grindin’ all my life
Look, all my life, been grindin’ all my life (yeah)
Sacrificed, hustle paid the price (whoa)

-Nipsey Hussle

Another lyric that stood out to me was “Look, damn right, I like the life I built”  As I listen to this song on repeat a few times while working on some content for my business, I couldn’t help but get the urge to go for a run.  Why not? Besides, running always helps me think more clearly.   As I got ready to go for a run, the sun was also setting.  This made me rethink a long run, so opted for a short warm up jog + some weight lifting.

I decided, some good mornings, squats, and hip thrusts would be a good start.  Oh, they were and just right.  Boy, did I get an amazing high from lifting.  I told my husband, OMG, I forgot what I was missing this whole time.

This is what happens, we get so fucked on the grind that we forget everything else.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we don’t lose the big picture. So what is my big picture? To live a full and fulfilling life, and while building my business to follow my passion is completely within the realm of getting me there it is not the end all be all.

This reminds me, of a book I am currently reading by John C. Maxwell, How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

He talks about how successful people are Big Picture Thinkers, so while right now my life coaching business is a big part of my life it is not my whole life.  So I cannot forget the other parts of my life.  Yes, it’s important to keep a balance.   So, my hiatus, has been long enough, I mean geez it’s been 75 days into the new year.

So, tomorrow, I will set down and think about how I want to start getting back to the gym and what it will look like for my schedule and my loved ones.

What are you doing during this mayhem? Are you losing your mind alongside the rest of society? I know I did for at least a day, getting caught up in the Covid-19 Train and news media suck.  If you are, GET OUT, it will come and go and this time will be gone with it.

Do something.

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