Hip Hop Dance for the Win

I lost momentum again. I just didn’t want to.  I have no real reason not to work out.  I have the time, the resources and a sweet home gym.

I was looking at Just Dance for the Nintendo Switch but just saw it as a waste of money.  Not that it’s not worth it, but that it’s not worth it if it’s not something I use.  So I just YouTube video on hip hop dancing.

At first that day, Sunday, I was feeling so down, it seems Sundays & Wednesdays are my low energy days.

Today it’s 7 days later and as I look at my Garmin this is my MOST active week.

  • 3/29 Hip Hop dance workout from YouTube
  • 3/30 1.5 mile run in the neighborhood
  • 4/1 2 mile run on the Mission Trails
  • 4/2 Family Walk

And every day I have done my Sun Salutation Yoga, and in the middle of the week I moved up from A to Sun Salutation B.

This quarantine has us all feel all out of sorts.  Go with what your body feels it wants to do.  Push yourself on days you need to and rest on days you need it.  Find NEW ways to work out, NEW ways to have fun, and NEW ways to develop yourself in all aspects of your life.

Here’s my business site, this month I will be focused on infusing more optimism in your life.   Check it out: DrReyesLifeCoaching.com


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