May Update, 9 months Postpartum

It has now been officially nine months since having my second son.  As I mentioned before this time around has not only been different in losing weight but also different in the things I have and haven’t done.

I’ll list them to make it easier to follow.  Things I haven’t done but did last time.

  • Last time I focused on losing weight and the number on the scale
  • I compared myself to the progress of others
  • Stressed about what others would think
  • Allowed myself to overeat because I was breastfeeding
  • Started working out as soon as I could

This time around I focused on my time with my baby.  Some differences that really helped me be able to relax.  My second son has been a total unicorn baby, super easy and not as stressful.  My first, cried all the time.  He had the witching hour down pat and it was so hard.  This time, my son is so easy so it allows for lots of me-time.

What I did this time around that I believe worked for me, and allowed me to lose weight faster and feel like myself faster.

  • Didn’t worry about losing weight loss
  • Relaxed more
  • Eased into working out
  • Created a daily routine that included meditation, yoga, and affirmations
  • And finally, I did not overeat because I’m breastfeeding

Here’s my progress from my first week of postpartum up to now.  I currently weigh about 150lbs and I’m down about 36lbs from this past August.


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